04 Dec 2019
U16 Girls Volleyball Season 1 Report

Our U16 volleyball season started off rocky with 3 losses in a row. 3 weeks in, our training was tiring, however, instead of bringing ourselves down, the whole team came out with a more determined mindset. Winning the 2 following games, our confidence in going for the ball and working as a team got higher. One of our players Katie Chan had outstanding, consistent serves that allowed us to get ahead in points. Learning a new formation is tough, but 5 weeks into the season we started to get the hang of it. Despite losing the next 3 games, our team worked hard and started to adapt to our past mistakes. Our setters Ellen Cheung and Michelle Cheung were confident on the court and started to get those tricky balls falling close to the net and claiming that second touch on the ball. Dinali, who was new to the position of being setter adapted quickly and showed excellent improvement. Winning the rest of our games for the season, our comeback led us to the finals. The standards got higher as we were now focusing on attacking. Players Yanna Ng and Ananyaa Pujari kept the other teams on their toes with their quick tips, deep sets and their improvement of being ready. Additionally, Bernice Pun had immensely improved on her spiking throughout the season. In a tough set against HKIS, our perseverance and team spirit for each other helped us win the set and compete for first place. Throughout this final, our libero Rachel Vong was always ready to assist and receive balls. Going against ICS in the finals was suspenseful and nerve-racking as we played to a third set, however, players Danya Nanayakkara and Brindy Mason never stopped cheering and kept us going with their contagious spirits. Player Anjali Seitz helped get us to the third set with her quick reactions and powerful serves. Overall, we came 2nd and won 5 games and lost 6! Coach Chuck helped everyone to improve and helped bring us to the finals.

By Kassidi Lau